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My Time at TGA

During my education at The Game Assembly I was part of several game projects where I worked alongside designers, artists and other programmers for extended periods of time with the goal of making a game under certain criteria, these are some of the projects I worked on and a little bit of what my contribution to them were.

Ocheeva's Treasure

This was the first project we developed during our time at TGA and as such, it was very much a learning experience. It places the player in the role of a lizard who has to escape a castle with stolen treasure. The game was developed in the Unity Engine and I worked specifically with the movement, collision and getting the grapple hook to work. In hindsight, it is easy to point out things we could have done better and what things we should not have done altogether but I am glad to have done it.


Mistworld is a block-pushing puzzle game we developed for mobile platforms. The game features the "Little Dead Riding Hood" on her quest to find the necromancer who revived her. There were many unique challenges in developing a game for phones and tablets, ranging from aspect ratio to performance concerns. In the end, we made a game we were pretty proud of at the time. After the project had finished our game was selected to be uploaded to the Google Play store by the school.

Stella Marina

This game was a 2D shoot-em-up we developed within a The Game Assembly proprietary engine known as Tga2D. This game challenged us not only to work in a new engine no one had previous experience in, but it also introduced the concepts of external level editing and level loading from external documents. In this game, you are tasked with venturing into the depths of the ocean to investigate a strange distress signal.

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